Pioneer and
leader of the
biomedical industry.

We thank our customers and partners for their caring interest and trust in TCM.

Through our research and development of in-vitro diagnostics and
reagents, TCM's diagnostic expertise provides accurate analysis and
quick results for Point of Care Testing.
With constant challenges in the healthcare industry, we embrace in
meeting the world's needs by providing the latest diagnostic services.

Company certifications

Company / System Certifications Year
ISO9001:2008 2016
ISO13485:2003 2016
Inno-Biz 2016
TCM Biomedical Engineering Center - Certified Affiliated Research Institute 2014
Certified Genetic Testing Institute 2014
Certified Venture Company 2014
  • FDA Listing(2016)

  • FDA Resistration(2016)

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 13485

  • CE-DOC(Cellsquare)

  • FCC verification(Cellsquare)

  • Inno-Biz

  • Affiliated Research Institute

  • Venture Company

  • GMP Certified