In-vitro Diagnosis

In-vitro Diagnosis



The main cause of almost all cervical cancers are found to be the HPV (Human Papillomavirus).
There are more than 150 identified types and 40 types among them are known as anogenital infective.

  • HPV and Cervical Cancer

    Almost of all cervical cancers are caused by HPV (Human Papillomavirus). In most cases, HPV infection does not develop cervical cancer, but repetitive and continuous exposure to high-risk HPVs such as type 16, 18, 45, 56 and others may develop cervical and other cancers. The cervical cancer is the 5th most prevalent cancer in Korea, and it is recommended to take regular screening at least once a year for women of age 20 or older.

  • Accurate HPV Test is necessary

    Pap test cannot detect all HPV infections. The only way to prevent cervical cancer development is by early detection taking regular check-ups with screening. Pap test and Liquid-Pap are conventional screening but such cell level microscopy may lack enough information. Accurate and exact molecular diagnostic testing is highly recommended for HPV screening.

  • TCM Laboratory's
    HPV DNA Chip Test

    The cutting-edge HPV DNA Chip test employs computerized molecular diagnostic technology which provides DNA footprint of the virus. TCM's HPV DNA Chip test provides accurate, highly-sensitive analysis on HPV infection.