In-vitro Diagnosis

In-vitro Diagnosis

Thyroid Cancer DNA

Thyroid Cancer DNA
(BRAF codon 600&601) Test

95% of Korean thyroid cancers are found to be papillary carcinoma. More than 80% of such cases are
reported with BRAF mutations, higher than global statistics. Detection of such specific BRAF mutation
renders very high specificity of 99.9% regarding such papillary carcinoma. TCM's BRAF codon 600 & 601
mutation analysis provides early detection on early-staged, microcarcinoma. In addition, this test can be
utilized as a biomarker for lymphatic metastasis and prognosis.

Test items Sample type Available Method Insurance Category
Turnaround Reference Insurance Code
Thyroid mutation
(BRAF codon 600&601 sequencing)
Thyroid FNA
Dedicated container / room temp.
Mon-Fri PCR&Pyrosequencing 노595(90)
3 Negative CZ684

TCM Laboratory's Thyroid DNA Test Features

Abnormal cells are selectively collected through the cytology process, which ensures higher accuracy with Pyrosequencing.