In-vitro Diagnosis

In-vitro Diagnosis

Avellino CornealDystrophy Test

Avellino Test
- Corneal Dystrophy

A Must-have test before Vision Correction

Avellino Corneal Dystrophy was discovered in 1988 and comes from the first four patients in the
original study each tracing their family origin to the Italian province of Avellino.

Coreneal dystrophy is an inherited eye condition that may go undetected until triggered by Laser
vision correction or other trauma to the cornea. For Korean cases, the prevalence is 1 to 1,300 and
known to be anisogamous in most cases.

TCM's Avellino test :

Provides accuracy at high sensitivity by analyzing the gene sequence hiring direct
sequencing method after the PCR process.

Moreover, it provides one-stop analysis for all major corneal dystrophies at very short turn-
around time as well as its exactness.